Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The tooth fairy

I blog I enjoy immensely is no more. This poor woman is so honest and forth coming. I felt a real connection with her and will miss reading her blog so much.

The Princess had a hard time going to sleep tonight. Usually it's easy. She asks to go to bed, by 7pm she is exhausted. Tonight hubby put her to bed and about 30 minutes later she came downstairs (this NEVER happens, once she's out, she's OUT). She stumbled on the bottom step and fell, which I am sure added to the exhaustion, led to the drama that unfolded.

She was sure the "monsters" were going to get into the room the same way the tooth fairy gets in. I promised her monsters weren't real and the doors were locked and she was safe. So she switched gears. Where does the tooth fairy live? What does she look like? How does she get the tooth from under the pillow without waking kids up? What does she do with the teeth? She was in a panic. (I should note that the Princess is terrified of characters. Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, costumed characters at the mall....makes our Disney trip in 2011 a little iffy.) She was beside herself and not listening to reason. So I mentioned we'd "google it" in the morning. My three-year old instantly brightens, says "the computer will tell us!" and goes to sleep. Problem solved, the internet saves the day!!!!

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