Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peanut to more!

The peanut is a peanut no more!!!! Sitting at 60th percentile across the board, he has surpassed his sister's height at this age. The Princess still holds one lb over him at 9 months, but we all know how tall she turned out to be, so there is hope for Little Man yet!!!! 21lbs 7 ozs 29" tall.

Still not meeting milestones so more referrals, more wait lists and more genetic testing. Everything but answers it seems.

Seeing OT once a month for myofacial release work. Wait listed for Speech and language, OT and PT through Grandview. Referred to the blind and low vision clinic and the feeding clinic. Also referred to Resources for Exceptional Children and Youth to see about Enhanced funding to attend child care.

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