Monday, June 21, 2010

The princess is 4!

Well the princess is 4 years old. I can't even contemplate where the time has gone. I do not need to help her wash her hands anymore, get her snacks, put her shoes on. She is so independent. I feel like a loser tagging along behind her just hoping she will need me for something. She is all registered for school. Dropped off the last forms today. They had to call and ask me to hand them in. I was dragging my feet. Not really on purpose....but now it's official, Princess will go to schol all day every day in just over 2 months. I know adults who can't handle that sort of schedule, but I won't go there.
Princess requested a castle birthday party about 10 months ago and mommy knocked it out of the park. *Pat pat*, if I do say so myself. I even cursed mother nature enough that despite a 90% chance of thunderstorms on her party day...she didn't dare put a cloud in the sky. Beautiful, hot, sunny day, 20 foot tall pink bouncing castle, cake to match, Belle made an appearance, friends dressed in costumes, it was fantastic. She deserved every second of it. She's been through so much with medical issues, being the best big sister ever, no party last year because she had surgery instead :(.
Next year we are going to Disney for her birthday so I know she is looking forward to that already. An even bigger castle for her birthday! That may be hard to top however...

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  1. I'm so happy that she had a great day :D and that the rain stayed away!!