Sunday, September 19, 2010


All we do is wait it seems. Mia waited for big school, Owen waited for the feeding clinic, Speech, Physio, Occupational Therapy, Enhanced Funding...Now he's been picked up by by everything but Speech and we're going to have to wait until my eye surgery recovery is completed. Argh, so frustrating.
O LOVES his enhanced staffing teacher so much. Looks at her like a dopey teenager in love. Puppy love for sure. I am so glad that he is happy at daycare. My baby is making crafts!!!!!
Mia is loving school a little less. She is anxious and I do not get that warm fuzzy feeling from her teacher or her school. I think she expected to learn to read and write on the first day and we both agree there is far too much playing going on each day. She learned more in a few days at "Kid's House" then she has in 2 weeks at school. It's early in the year and still a little chaotic, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, before I pass judgment on this Early Learning Program just yet.
She is excited to get a hair cut and new outfit for picture day. She has decided on a pink outfit for sure. Was their really any doubt?
Mia will not be having her ear tubes replaced at least not until the new year. That is a huge load off. Not sure our October could take much more in the way of doctors and hospitals. We have something booked every weekday but the 27th of October. INSANE!!!! Might have to hire a chauffeur to get us places. Can we hire a nanny and maid while we're at it?? ;)

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  1. scratch that, not appointments booked for 27,28 and 29th of October too!!!